A long time ago I wrote articles in English for my blog. At this time I had two different blogs, one for each language. That did not work for me because one of them was neglected somehow. So I decided to write only in German. A few days ago there was a discussion on Twitter about the topic: Why write a blog about software development in a language other than English?

In my case I wrote in German because it’s much easier for me and I am faster. But there are great adavantages in writing in English:

  • Hopefully a higher range of influence
  • More feedback on my thoughts
  • Improving English skills

That could be a nice thing. So I am going to write my blog posts (concerning software development) in English for at least a month. All posts about photography are still written in German.

Wish me luck :)

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Norbert Eder

Ich bin ein leidenschaftlicher Softwareentwickler und Fotograf. Mein Wissen und meine Gedanken teile ich nicht nur hier im Blog, sondern auch in Fachartikeln und Büchern.

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