Es gibt weiteren Lesestoff für diejenigen, die sich näher mit der Entwicklung des Windows Phone 7 beschäftigen möchten. Puja Pramudya hat ein kostenloses E-Book zu diesem Thema veröffentlicht.image

This e-book is written for those who want to get to know, use, and develop applications for Windows Phone, Microsoft’s latest mobile platform. Of course, it would be naive to consider that this e-book covers the topic about Windows Phone entirely, but it can undoubtedly give you a good basic to learn. In this e-book you will not find topics that require advanced hardware supports such as multi-touch or FM, because this e-book is written based on the available emulator.

The readers are assumed to at least understand the C# programming language. Readers are also expected to have used Visual Studio. An understanding in Silverlight is also advisable.

Wise men say, “you bind knowledge by writing them”; therefore this e-book is dedicated to community members, and hopefully will be of use for us all.


Via Paul Thurrott.

Über den Autor

Norbert Eder

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